Ruben Alba | Concept Design & Visual Development | About
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ruben alba


Born in a little region of Spain, Asturias, Ruben has always had passion for drawing and design.


After finishing his Computer Engineering degree he decides to test his artistic skills attending some courses at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood aiming at getting an answer to: Can I turn my passion into my career?


Being awarded with the summer Best of Term in concept design at the Gnomon School, gave him the final push he needed to make it happen. Then, He developed his career in various entertainment industries and countries, improving his skills and learning from amazing profesionals in the industry.


Currently, living in The Netherlands with his wife where he is based as a freelancer Senior Concept Artist working for film and videogame industry, combining these activities with teaching at the University Camilo Jose Cela (Spain).


When time and body allows it, He keeps practicing his other passion: athletics.