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Author: Ruben

25 Jan Mastering concept design INTERVIEW

Here the Whole interview!  Thanks 3DTotal!   Ruben is a pro at merging 3D and 2D to bring concepts to life. We learn more about his inspirations, workflow and education. Ruben Álvarez is a freelance concept artist working for the entertainment industry, he’s been freelancing in the Netherlands...

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18 Sep 3Dcreative magazine

Check out my interview at 3Dcreative magazine! Huge surprise when I realized one of my artworks is front page!!! Here's the interview Hope you like it!...

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25 Aug Electric Vehicle

Dedicated to my beloved wife. Here my vision of an "electric vehicle". Maybe she can get some ideas from the concept :) hope you guys like it!...

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27 Feb Nice to see you again

It has been a long time without updating my blog. During this time I have been working in several projects surrounded of amazing artist. From art direction to concept art, I have been involved in animation and videogame projects and now I have a new and...

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